Treasury Management Agreement Sample

services: one or more online business banking or cash management services that are available to the customer in accordance with the terms of this agreement (individually a “service”). The bank is not required to authorize the use of a service by the customer. The decision to allow the customer to use one or more services is left to the discretion of the bank and is subject to the bank`s applicable standards. If the bank requires the application of subcontracting criteria to the customer for authorization to use one or more services, the bank will communicate to the customer the nature and content of these criteria and the information that the customer must provide to the bank. The customer undertakes to provide the bank with immediate financial, commercial, operational and other information that the bank can request as part of the bank`s insurance and authorisation process. For the purposes of this agreement, “proprietary and confidential information” means all agreements, documents, data, registrations and other information relating to services, including the terms and conditions of this contract, fees for services, user manuals, software and software licenses for services, user identification, passwords , codes, keys, security features, policies and procedures, embedded algorithms and other related devices, and service information. Protected and confidential information does not contain information about services generally available and known to the public, and its availability is not the result of unlawful or incorrect disclosure by the customer. C. LOAN SWEEP SERVICE TERMS: If the customer has decided to receive the loan sweep service and the bank has agreed to provide the loan sweep service, the customer, as the customer`s representative, authorizes and orders the bank, as the customer`s representative, to receive the recovered funds (if it exists and even more than the minimum allowed by the bank from time to time at its own discretion) and to make payments to the account of the customer. in accordance with these terms of service. At the end of each business day, the bank will withdraw the funds collected from the scanning account and apply the amount to the payment of the remaining balance in the credit account (including principal, accrued interest, fees and expenses). At the beginning of the next business day, the Client retains full responsibility for insuring the funds available in the scanning account of a sufficient amount to cover all items that can be booked into the scanning account or that must be paid by the scan account on the business day.

Notwithstanding the above, the bank is not required to make an advance on the credit account if: (i) the amount of funds withdrawn from the swap account is less than the minimum amount set by the bank; (ii) if, for any reason, the bank has suspended or terminated the credit account; or (iii) if the customer (or borrower, if not the customer) violates this agreement or agreement with the bank regarding the credit account or is late. The customer authorizes the bank, for all purposes related to this Contract, to rely on the instructions and signatures of those authorized to make withdrawals from the broom account or advances from the credit account. The Mobile Deposit Service is a mobile banking service that allows you to use the bank`s mobile applications and a mobile device that meets the bank-approved technical specifications to create electronic cheques and electronic items from certain “paper items” and transmit these electronic cheques, electronically created items and other information, including , unrestricted information stored in the Magnetic Ink Recognition Line (MICR). , to us for verification and processing in accordance with this Agreement and your other agreements with the Bank.

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