Uva Consortium Agreement

Open discussions are the key to fruitful cooperation. In order to protect the rights of each partner, it is strongly recommended that you sign a confidentiality agreement before starting discussions. Confidentiality agreements are also called non-disclosure agreements (NOAs) or confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs). Information can be exchanged freely after the completion of an NDA. The next question will be whether formal cooperation is really possible, desirable and useful. If this is the case, the next step is to conclude a cooperation agreement. Valuation, the creation of a business, the protection of IP, patent applications – licenses, research and consortium agreements, legal support, the establishment of a business case. Information on these topics can be found on the IXA website. If not, you can call us! If you wish to collect personal data using an online form, store the personal data for which you are responsible outside the UVA, or have transcripts performed by an external interview office that you perform, you are legally required to accept a processing agreement: an agreement in which you will detail what the third party is or cannot do with the data. The legal department can help. A consortium contract is a contract between UVA and a host institution and is signed by the registrar and the financial assistance service of each institution.

A valid consortium contract must be available to allow you to receive financial assistance while studying abroad. If you do not see your studies abroad on this list, please contact our office for a blank consortium agreement. In a consortium agreement, the partner parties record how they will implement their joint project. You can also include data clauses in this document (see the data exchange agreement). IXA provides assistance in the development of consortium agreements. This is why, at the beginning of such cooperation, it is very important to formalize the agreements on property rights and exploitation rights that may result from the results of the research. Work carried out in cooperation with external parties can lead to the development of knowledge and/or intellectual property rights. IXA negotiates, on behalf of its universities and researchers, an agreement that reflects a fair agreement with respect to the research carried out and the compensation paid to them. IXA Legal Advisors can help. If necessary, you will contact the lawyer of the external party and guide you through the terms of the agreement. Sometimes you work with other organizations or universities on a research project and decide together how personal data is collected, for what purpose and how it is processed.

In this case, a data exchange agreement is required to determine who is responsible for what. When dealing with personal data, it is important to be clear to whom a participant can contact for an observation or complaint. For Outside students, contact your program provider to see if they need prior documentation of the help you receive. For Students of the Outside and Exchange programs, be sure to submit a consortium contract to SFS (if they don`t agree with the files yet). A user agreement is required if a researcher wants to reuse your data when your data is not publicly available. You describe in a user agreement the conditions under which your data must be reused. Much of the scientific research takes place as part of a research consortium of companies, universities, research institutes and/or social organizations. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) or EU-funded cooperation under framework programmes are examples.

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