Beca Agreement China

This agreement is another important provision to allow for logistical support and military coordination. Through LEMOA, India and the United States will be able to access the other`s military facilities for refueling, administration and all logistical support. This involves setting up a repair and refueling infrastructure for US forces in India, so that their units can remain combat-state and operational even after combat damage. India`s borders can also provide a safe port and area for U.S. forces in the region. “The two ministers expressed their satisfaction with the signing of the BECA agreement during the visit. The U.S. Secretary of Defense welcomed Australia`s participation in the 2020 Malabar exercise,” the ministry said. But due to China`s clear and current danger, New Delhi`s strategic embrace is the obvious result. The Indian defense establishment has already deployed at least five U.S. platforms to the LAC – C-17 Globemaster III for military transport, Boeing Chinook CH-47 as a heavy helicopter, Boeings Apache as a tank killer, P-8I Poseidon for reconnaissance inside the country and Lockheed Martin`s C-130J for the airlift forces. If India were to strive to play an increasingly important role in world affairs, it would face inconvenience and to follow that path would be a difficult task.

The capacity, ability and resilience of these barriers are key. Nothing is liberated and India would be constantly on the move. In this way, realpolitik and pragmatism must surpass ideological shibboleths. By engaging in a quasi-alliance with the United States, India is trying to honk its horn with the only superpower. This would run counter to our tried and tested relations with Russia. However, unlike Trump`s dominance, a Biden administration is unlikely to be insolent and confrontational in its foreign policy, leaving room for maneuver through compromise and adjustment. Russia may not be deeply concerned about Biden, although the U.S. is expected to follow Trump`s path toward China so far.

But the face-to-face attitude would be lacking. Shringla`s visit to important European capitals is timely, as the US, under Biden, would repair fences with the EU.

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