Confidentiality Agreement Divorce

The question is which of those documents, if any, should be protected by a confidentiality agreement. Bucks County lawyers at Williams Family Law can guide you through the process of filing and closing the divorce with minimal public exposure. Generally speaking, the less you include the court system in your divorce, the less information is available to the public. While the parties to the divorce can, through their lawyers, enter into agreements on housing, child housing, equitable distribution and custody issues without ever entering the courtroom, details of the divorce can often be kept between the parties and their lawyer. The law firm paul A. Boronow, PC, can provide you with free advice on confidentiality agreements and divorces. Call us today at (516) 227-5353 to speak with one of our knowledgeable New York divorce lawyers. Confidentiality agreements can be violated in the strangest way. They can be injured in elevators when a person talks to a friend about what happened “really.” They can be injured at the restaurant if the person has drunk a cocktail and is now immersed in a great story (which the waiter, the busboy and the table next door hear). Lawyers write them down to protect a person, and lawyers also know that they are not as good as human nature allows. Some companies often refuse to sign a general confidentiality agreement, for fear of controlling the languages of their many employees. Most divorces are quite traumatic, without the potential damage to the professional image that can result from passing on to the public the intimate details of the divorce.

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